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Why spend another day shopping around for a loan? You need cash, and you need it fast. Apply here now!
Get up to 6x* your salary with us. Through our tech-enabled algorithm, we can approve your personal loans within 8 Minutes.
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Why spend another day shopping around for a loan? You need cash, and you need it fast. Apply here now!
Get up to 6x* your salary with us. Through our tech-enabled algorithm, we can approve your personal loans within 8 Minutes.
Get Your Loan Approved by
October 22nd, 2019
Get Your Loan Approved by
October 22nd, 2019

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Our Media Coverage and Achievements Since 2011

Singapore Quality Class
Crawfort is honoured to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class certification by Enterprise Singapore.
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ST Singapore's Fastest Growing Companies 2019
Crawfort has made the list of Singapore's fastest growing companies in terms of revenue growth and profit, business outlook, investment in training, and R&D efforts.
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Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2019
Crawfort is honoured to be the recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2019. The SPBA recognises and honours Singapore brands that have been developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives.
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Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019
Our co-founders, Jeames and JJohn, are proud to have obtain the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2019. The Entrepreneur of the Year Award honours local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performances as business owners.
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TUV ISO 9001 Certification
Crawfort is proud to be awarded the TUV ISO 9001 mark of quality, and will continue to provide excellent quality of services.
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How Fintech is Driving Innovative Lending In Singapore, SMEs account for around two-thirds of the workforce and a large chunk of GDP growth. But if these firms can’t get funding, their failure to thrive has a dampening effect on the larger economy. Unlike the large companies and multinationals, the most frequent solution for SMEs is to seek a loan.
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The Case for Alternative Lending In the last decade, we have witnessed rapid growth in the alternative lending space, with the creation of new business models opening up the range of alternative lending products available. Two key factors have driven this growth.
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单枪匹马赴菲“拓荒”寻商机 一般人对菲律宾的印象,总停留在治安欠佳和交通拥堵。然而,不能忽视的是,菲律宾有上亿人口,而近年经济增长也保持强劲,可谓商机处处。菲律宾的官方用语是英语,工资和租金等经商成本不高,这些都是吸引新加坡企业进驻的原因。
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Breaking Stereotypes Through Innovation Innovative business Crawfort is rewriting the rules when it comes to moneylending solutions. Managing finances and maintaining fluid cashflow is a challenge for many Singaporeans. In Singapore, there is a community of people faced with limited credit access.
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Don’t Waste Another Day Worrying

Our plans are tailored to your needs. So you can worry less and enjoy more. These are our commitments to you.
We value your trust
As one of the most trusted personal loan providers in Singapore, we have disbursed more than 200,000 loans since 2011. We have won an award from Singapore's Prestige Brand Awards 2019, and will continue to provide high-quality service and care for our customers.
We keep your convenience in mind
Every step of our process is tailored to your convenience. We have digitalised everything from application to credit scoring to payment. Repayments are even simpler. Just pay through any SAM/AXS machines and you’re good to go.
We keep your information safe
Privacy protection is our top priority. Our servers are encrypted with state-of-the-art technology. You’ll never have to worry about us divulging your information to anyone.

10 Years Of Satisfied Customers

We are proud to have served our customers well, and we want to extend that same level of service to even more people in the future.

If it's your first time taking a fast cash loan, head first to our ultimate guide in getting a personal loan here.
Rudy 1988
04.07 2019
Experienced Crawfort services a few times. Reason i return to Crawfort is because the team is very responsive to my request and questions and service excellent.thanks to crawfort for helping me to get fund. I feel like homes when i visit the place. Kudos to all the team
KeithbeinsN3 Beins
19.12 2019
Awesome! Fantastic service. So very professional. Terms and conditions were explained very thoroughly. I felt very comfortable dealing. Will definitely recommend. 5 thumbs up!!!
Sadiq Zahiruddin
17.12 2019
I'm so happy and impressed by the staff from Crawfort Pte Ltd as they are so polite and always smile in welcoming individuals.. Their knowledge are great and always there to help and assist in every needs.
Sally Ho
09.10 2019
Saw the reviews and decided to give it a shot. Service was efficient - seamless and fast. The receptionist was friendly and professional, so is the loan officer. Recommended!
Balasubramaniam Bala
21.06 2019
My 5th visit to Crawfort. Thank you Crawfort for extending financial help to me when I need urgent fund to pay for some of my expenses. I return Crawfort because interest rate is low, all staff is polite and courteous, and professional. Fast and easy application. In fact, I did recommend 2 of my friend to Crawfort. Thank you and keep it up.
Teo Ashley
13.06 2019
This is my first time to here, I am impressed by their environment which is making me very comfortable and their friendly staffs. Their repayment method and interest are convenient and reasonable. Overall not bad.
Nur Ain Rashid
12.02 2019
I feel comfortable sharing and talking to the service staff/relationship manager, very understanding, trustworthy. I would say they are very lenient as well. They even explain it to me the details of how does this system etc works. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone who in needs of financial.
Shiva Kumar
26.07 2019
Been a Crawfort customer for a 3 years already. I return to Crawfort because Crawfort help me with my expenses and also sent some fund back to my family back home. I like Crawfort repayment method using AXS mobile app. Very easy and convenient. The staff is very helpful and approachable. Highly recommended.
Rahim Bapak
11.04 2020
My first time here, I have also been to other lender before but I find it crawfort more professional than the others money lenders. They listen to our needs ..other money lender they don't even bother to listen to our needs. Crawfort is professional lender. Thank you
Mahabaratam thambu
18.03 2019
I am second time here.its really fantastic service to the customers. Its really like the bank service.very fast approval of loan.they are very nice handling to the customers.the payment method is very reliable. I particularly like the payment method, fast and hassle free approval. Thank you Crawfort. Highly recommended.
01.06 2019
Hey.. Had been my 5th time here. Always there when needed. Crawfort never fails in service and best of help to those in need of emergency needs. Security n comfort need no worries. Officers always at their upmost best of courtesy... Keep progress guys.
Rahmat Rizzuandi
27.07 2019
Very excellent service. A reliable and honest moneylender. Hearing bad experiences from friends about other moneylenders, Crawfort is a secure and proper moneylending company and easy for repayment through AXS and Sam machine.
Salihin Ahmad
23.03 2019
Ambience, having own private and discreet discussion to manage the best loan rate. In terms of repayment, it's convenient and the sms reminders given is very helpful. Thank you Crawfort for good service rendered.
Acit Acit
24.06 2019
i found crawfort via the website, and decide to pay a visit to Crawfort because i short of some fund to bring my family for short vacation . And hnow i am back for a 2nd visits here.its has luxury atmostphere.the staff all good and professional
Shaharudin Jamaludin
05.06 2019
To make payment more easier as there AXS machine..Different for other money lenders as no need to send them receipt. No paper work to be done. Refreshment provided. Would recommend friend who are in need.
1337 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for your loan directly online via MyInfo at any time of the day, while banks may require you to go there physically in order to apply for a loan.

Most banks usually close around 4:30pm to 6pm, making it difficult for working adults to make a trip down. Through Crawfort’s efficient loan system, you can save plenty of time.

For foreigners:

– If your annual income is less than $10,000, you are eligible for a loan of up to $500.

– If your annual income is between $10,000 to $20,000, you are eligible for a loan of up to $3,000.


For Singaporeans:

– If your annual income is less than $20,000, you are eligible for a loan of up to $3,000.

– If your annual income is at least $20,000, you are eligible to loan up to 6 times your monthly income.


The amount you are eligible for will be determined on both your assessed ability to repay and your annual income. Those who submit all the completed required documents will tend to have a higher approval rate.

Our loan platform allows you to log in with your Singpass to pre-fill information, hence eliminating time and effort for manual inputs. This greatly increases the efficiency of loan applications, as accurate information can be quickly retrieved from multiple government agencies and inserted accordingly, eliminating possible human errors.

Loan processing and approval within 8 minutes are made possible by the use of an automated system that leverages big data capabilities to analyse comprehensive data sets to score applicants with unparalleled precision.


Your loan status can be easily checked from our loan management portal.

An e-receipt will also be sent to you after every payment in the form of an SMS/email, with your outstanding balance included in the notification.

Alternatively, you can also send us an email at, or call us at +65 6777 8080 to check.


1. Types of Loans

Before you decide to take a loan, you should understand the different loan options that are available. At Crawfort, we provide both secured and unsecured loans.

a. Unsecured loans are based on credit score, with no collateral necessary.

b. Secured loans require some form of collateral before a loan can be granted.


2. Interest Rates

You should be aware of any interest rates that come with your loan before you apply, along with any hidden fees.

Examples of hidden fees include:

a. Origination fees

b. Appraisal fees

c. Underwriting fees

d. Credit report fees

At Crawfort, we do not include any hidden fees in our rates.


3. Duration of Loan

The duration of the loan will also play a part in determining your total loan cost. Since there are many different loan durations, it is best to discuss your options with our Relationship Manager.


4. Current Financial Situation

The most important factor in deciding whether to borrow money is your financial situation.

By looking at your monthly and yearly budgets, you can make a better decision on the loan amount that you are able to take out.


At Crawfort, we pride ourselves in offering loan package that is tailored to your needs and financial situation.

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