As living in Singapore can be expensive and everything there are of very high cost, people can easily get lost from debt pressure. Our debt will keep increasing when we get older. For example, we will need to buy a home and invest something like property, stocks etc , and we may easily have a high loan from our credit cards when we frequently using it and finally out of control. Also we need to have our own families in most cases and having children. We have to provide them with essentials like food , living space, toys, education and activities etc that can cost us double or trouble . These add up and cause high debt to us and easily we will get sick in this situation.

In social viewpoints, many people in Singapore may want to show themselves to be successful persons. They have to live in a luxury house, wear new and beautiful clothes, driving expensive cars and eating high quality food to show off themselves. If they don’t live in this luxury lifestyle or they may not be able to afford this luxury lifestyle one day, they afraid their friends or groups may not accept them. This also cause high money debt stress to many people living in Singapore.

Sometimes for more serious cases, as not many people are optimistic, when our money debts in our daily life keep increasing in proportion to our age, we will be easily full of stress dealing with the money debt and even cause many psychological problems such as anxiety and depression etc. Our happy life will then be ruined away which is totally not worth like that.

So we have to find some ways to help us fighting off the money debt stress problem so that we can have a happy lifestyle while we can afford our daily life. Maybe more than 150 legal money lenders in Singapore may help you in some extent, but you should also have other ways to fight off the money debt stress !

We can do the following things to become happier and relieve from money stress:

1. Use of Money by Priority

To use our money properly ,we may have to classify our spending into high or low priorities which can help us reducing money debt stress. That means we should know which things are important for us to use our hardly earned income to purchase in the first place , and then the second one , the third one and to the last one ! For example, buying food and drinks, wearing simple clothes and having an affordable and comfortable home to live are the essential things we should purchase for! After we can afford these things, we can start thinking of buying expensive and luxury products and services to which help satisfy our own desires. Also we should understand that gambling or buying luxury new or famous brand products are not the high priority in spending our money. So if we are not earning much income, in most cases, we should aware that we have to avoid those spending at the first glance. As in Singapore, if we work hard, it should not be too difficult for us to get the essential things with our earned income. So if you know how to use money based on priority, this can help most people in Singapore to relieve much stress from money debt .

2. Set Up Your Own Budget

After you have set your priority in the first stage, the next step you can try set up your own budget every months that you are able to handle them. For example, you can add up the essential costs you need to handle first each month. For instance, the cost of utility bills such as electricity, gas , water and internet bills costs you 200 dollars per month , 1500 dollars of renting houses, transportation costs you 100 dollars per month, food costs you around 1500 dollars, internet data costs you 20 dollars etc…, you can add up the cost and it should be around 3300 dollars per month in which are essential cost of your life. So you have to set a budget of around 3500 dollars used in the high priority cost of living. That means if you can earn 4000 dollars per month, you can have 500 to 700 dollars to consume what you desire to satisfy your needs ! Therefore, you can calculate exactly how much money you need to pay for each month so you will not be too stressful ! You just need to think of earning enough budgets or slightly higher than that which will not be so harsh in most cases in Singapore.

3. Seeking Support

In addition, all of us cannot walk alone in our life. That is, we need to seek help and support from others whenever necessary ! When in case we feel depressed and anxious of money debt stress, we should ask for help with our partners, our families and some professionals. Usually they can give you useful advice of how to solve the problem because most of them know much about your situation.

Even more, professionals usually can give you some strategies on how to solve money debt stress so don’t hesitate to find their helps!


Legal money lenders in Singapore with legal professional advice are an effective way to relieve stress from money debt pressure. The other ways we can do is to set up the priority of using money so you can know how to use your money in proper ways to avoid high financial debts. Then you can calculate the budget needed to commit high priority cost so your money will not easily get out of control. If money debt stress still exists and cause depression, you can try to seek help and support from families , friends, social workers, professionals etc to help you find effective ways to solve the problems. Hope these methods can help many Singaporeans to stay away from high money debt stress common in Singapore.