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Crawfort leverages on modern technology to remodel perceptions on money lending and revolutionise the financing industry. Our goal is to make borrowing easy and accessible to every Filipino, especially those that are under-served and unbanked. If financial inclusion is something that you are passionate about then talk to us, and together, let’s build on this advocacy to shape the future of every Filipino!

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We believe in equal opportunities.

Anyone who is skilled, passionate and has that drive to succeed is welcome to apply!

Nurture Your Passion

One of our goals is to serve the under-served. We realised, however, that In order to do that, we must first serve the people who work with us.
The greatest resource in any company is its people. That's why we invest heavily in our personnel and groom them to their fullest potential. From staff training to incentives and get-togethers, we do what we can to empower you.

Nurture Your Passion

  • Wage and compensations benefits
  • Staff Training
  • Overseas Postings
  • Progression Opportunities
  • Team Bonding Activities
I have learned and grown not only professionally, but personally as well. I'm grateful that the management cares about their jobs and are generous in sharing knowledge.
Head of Philippines
It's a pleasure to work at Crawfort. I enjoy meeting new people, and I take pride in providing excellent customer service by being the liaison between the company and its customers.
Customer Service Associate
I appreciate Crawfort for giving me an opportunity to work in a pleasant environment with friendly colleagues. Helping customers plan their payment schedule and giving them financial advice makes my work more meaningful.
Relationship Manager
I am thankful that Crawfort is always exploring efficient ways to get things done. They make sure I never feel overwhelmed or that my work is too much to handle.
General Manager
My experience as a Customer Service Officer at Crawfort has taught me to how to communicate effectively and interact with customers. I have also learned to use technology and innovative ways to speed up my work.
Customer Service Officer
Working at Crawfort as an underwriter has exposed me to assessing loan applicants from different countries, and helped strengthen my analytical skills.
My job comes with great responsibility, especially when assessing a loan applicant's credit-worthiness. However, strong support from my team enables me to perform better.

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